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March 2016

March 31, 2016

march favourites: the face edition

As someone who has suffered from quite persistent facial acne in the past and has only got it in check over this past year, I am very cautious about what I put on my face. During this acne struggle I only washed my skin with doctor recommended cleansers and only used make up products that were well made, recommended by experts and tested before purchasing. Since I feel confident that the worse of this acne struggle is behind me (fingers crossed) I am becoming more open to trying new products.

While caring for my acne, I always used moisturizer and creams that were either prescribed or recommended by a doctor. Although these creams were great and I definitely feel they are a major part of why I may have won this battle with my acne, they were only helping that one facial concern. As I am aging I am noticing the most signs on my face and I wanted to buy a moisturizer that not only kept my face moisturized and hydrated but also would help to slow down the aging signs I have started to notice.

I purchased Nivea Mattifying Day Cream w/ SPF 15 because I have had great experiences in the past with Nivea as a brand. I was drawn to this product because it is suited for combination skin. Since this is the first step away from the moisturizer recommended by doctors, I still wanted to be cautious. After the first couple days of wearing this face moisturizer, I was very impressed. A little bit of cream goes a long way; it doesn’t feel greasy or thick on my face, and does not look oily. My face feels extremely moisturized, it is protected everyday with SPF 15 and I have not once had a breakout. It is the perfect base under my makeup, truly giving off a soft, mate look.

nivea mattifying day cream

As you now know I have struggled with acne problems and have always been very cautious in regards to what I apply on my face. In the past, I have spent hundreds of dollars on designer powders and foundations, only wanting the absolute best for my skin. Not only did I want a product that wasn’t going to make me break out but also cover my problem areas. I was encouraged by a few people (one including my mama, who like me, also wore Lancôme press powder religiously) to try out Mineral Wear by Physicians Formula. I have been giving it a go over this past month and I do not have a single complaint. I personally don’t like to put a lot of face makeup on so when I saw how this mineral powder looked on my face, with only moisturizer underneath, I was immediately sold. Not only do I love this product because of the way it looks but it also feels so light and smooth on my skin and works well to cover any problem area. I purchased this mineral powder at Winners but you can also purchase this product here.

physicians formula mineral wear powder

I have been a fan of blush for quite some time and lately have found myself using it much more than bronzer. In the past I purchased very typical blush shades such as dusty roses and bright pinks. I was attracted to this blush by Cargo because of the mixture of rose and gold sheen. I thought it would be the perfect combination of bronze and blush; and that is just what it was. Not only does this blush highlight the apples of my cheeks but also defines.  I love how the colour blends into my somewhat fair skin tone, adding the perfect final touch to my makeup. This blush has worked fantastic during this past winter month and I am sure it will look even better once I’ve gained back more sunny colour to my skin. You can purchase this fantastic blush by Cargo here.

cargo cosmetics blush mendocino

What are some of your favourite products you put on your face? Do you have a go to moisturizer or powder? Let me know! You know I love to hear from you 🙂


xx Bella 

This post is not sponsored in any way by these brands. All opinions are my own!

March 29, 2016

how to: culottes

how to wear culottes

For all of you reading this post that live and breath fashion like I, I am sure you are also following this super retro trend that has been taking over city streets and your current Instagram feed.  The trend that is telling us to wear our pants completely opposite to what we have known before. This fashion trend I am talking about is culottes. For those of you who are not yet currently in the know, fear no more.

Culottes are not a totally new trend.  As we experience multiple seasons in the fashion world’s cycle, we have seen it take over the past fall, winter and now this spring season’s trends. This trend has been revived from the 70’s and is totally taking over and I believe that it will continue to do so for quite a bit longer.

how to wear culottes

While many are unsure of this current trend, I am very certain about my feelings. I normally am the first person to vouch for the over sized slouchy look versus something super fitting and tailored. When culottes started to appear more and more in my favourite stores I couldn’t help my attraction to them.

I understand that the style can scare a few people away, being one that is far from what we have been used to for many years in the past (skinny leg, tailored and form fitting). Some may think that they don’t feel as feminine or sexy in the style and don’t know how to style the trend with what they currently have. If this is the case, don’t fret; I am here to save the day.

how to wear culottes

I was unsure how to style the trend when I purchased my first pair as well. Spending much more time in front of the mirror then I am used to, analyzing the outfit I was wearing. It took me multiple swaps of shirts and blouses to finally find a match.

In order to wear the culotte trend while still feeling feminine and sexy one must be willing to wear a more fitted shirt or blouse. In this look I paired my culottes with a go to figure fitting piece, the wrap blouse. A wrap blouse works perfectly with these culottes because they don’t accentuate much of my bottom half, where this blouse shows every single bump and curve from the top half of my body. I think the figure fitting top half paired with the oversized bottom half is the perfect combination of sassy and classy.

how to wear culottes

I paired this pant with a heel because I wanted to show how this style could still make you look feminine and feel sexy. Adding the heels to this outfit lengthened the look of the leg, and made the whole look become put together and clean. Putting on a pair of heels always makes me feel empowered and a bit sexier!

I can’t wait to add a few more culotte styles to my spring/ summer wardrobe. I am thinking about adding a pair of culotte shorts this season like these or these (crazy deals) along with a pair of culotte inspired denim like these. All of these items would pair so well with a simple white blouse or a simple t shirt and I know I would get so much wear from them all!

how to wear culottes

how to wear culottes

how to wear culottes

What do you think of the culotte trend? How do you like to wear it best… sexy or simple? Let me know below! You know I love to hear from you 🙂

xx Bella


Culottes: Do + Be // Wrap Blouse: Zara  // Shoes: Primark // Sunglasses: Fossil // Hand Bag: Boutique find in Florence, Italy

March 23, 2016

a few things I love about easter

Since I was a young child I have always had fond memories about Easter. As the Holiday quickly approaches, I am finding myself reminiscing about how my family and I have celebrated this holiday over the years. Growing up within the Catholic faith, Easter always meant more to my family and I then hunting for chocolates, or decorating Easter Eggs. Although I did take part in these activities, my family and I had many other traditions we followed year after year.

Today I wanted to share some of these traditions with you, along with some other Easter inspired ideas for all of you to enjoy this long weekend.

An unforgettable tradition was decorating Easter Eggs with my siblings and cousins over the Easter Weekend. Our families always got together during Easter to celebrate, and decorating eggs was often on the weekend agenda.

easter egg decor idea

Though this may be a more mature style for Easter Egg decorating and may not exactly be how we would’ve decorated as children, the simplicity and cuteness will for sure be beautiful in your home.

Easter to me has always been another holiday where we celebrate with food, and a lot of it. Not only did we celebrate because we were all together as a family, but also because it was Holy Week, marking the end of Lent. Often during lent, we had given up a certain something, maybe chocolate, or potato chips- the Easter weekend was an exciting time to be able to enjoy these things once again.

On the upcoming Friday, as is it Good Friday, my families meal would normally be a Pasta or Fish dish since typically, if you are celebrating Easter within the Catholic faith you are not to eat meat on Good Friday. New traditions are beginning for me this up coming Easter, and even though I am still celebrating with my parents, my whole family wont all be together.

Good Friday meal ideas

This Puff Pastry Salmon with Sun Dried Tomatoes is on my list for potential meal ideas. Since I will be serving quite a few, having to consider a couple dietary restrictions- I think this may be the winner. This recipe makes a typical Salmon dish a little more special.

I cannot forget about my love for all the fresh baked goods that come about during the Easter Holiday. Having the opportunity to live in larger cities, I was able to see how many other cultures celebrate Easter with their cultures food. One tradition that isn’t so specific to my Italian heritage, yet I still love, is Hot Crossed Buns. This delicious baked good completely says Easter to me, and I am so excited when I start seeing them in the local bakeries.

Last year was my first attempt at making my own Hot Crossed Buns and although they did not exactly turn out how I’ve enjoyed them before, I am eager to attempt them again this Easter.

Hot Crossed Bun Recipe

Just looking at this picture of these yummy Hot Crossed Buns makes my mouth water! Though this recipe may not be easy to accomplish, I know it will be worth it!

As I am becoming older and no longer live close to home, I am beginning to create my own holiday celebrations. Through out these holidays, I am noticing how much of an influence my mother and grandmother have made on my current day to day life, along with the life I aspire to live in the future. Growing up, through every holiday my mom would always decorate. My father goes nuts each time my mother begins to decorate for each holiday because it is his duty to get everything out of storage. I am sure you can only imagine how many decorations my mother has. Though it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I can see why it is so important to my mom. Decorating your home for an upcoming holiday truly makes your home that much more inviting and is a great way to enjoy each holiday.

The decor Easter brings about is always so fresh and is a great reminder that Spring is here. The final tradition I love about Easter is celebrating with the beautiful flowers that Spring brings us. Decorating my home with fresh Tulips and Easter Lilies has now become a tradition for me. I love having fresh flowers in my home!

Easter Decor Ideas

These Flowering Egg Shells are a cute floral decor idea for an Easter table setting, and they caught my eye for two reasons specifically. Firstly, because I know my mom will love the idea, knowing that she has quite the collection of Egg Holders and does not have much opportunity to use them (I hope you are laughing, mom!) Secondly, because I will be hosting an Easter meal and do not have a large amount of space. I think it is a simple and small touch that can be easily done and will not overcrowd my dinner table, allowing me to decorate with the flowers I love.

What do you think about my Easter Traditions? Do you have some of your own that you love and are excited to enjoy over the upcoming weekend? I’d love to hear them 🙂


xx Bella 


March 21, 2016

the first day of spring

spring outfit ideas

I unfortunately am one of those people who count down the days till warmer weather and have not yet learned to live in the moment, and fully take advantage of everything winter has to offer. With the first day of Spring happening over the weekend, I immediately pulled out of storage more of my neutral pieces to replace the ridiculous amount of black items in my wardrobe.
spring outfit ideas

If you read my last post, you have heard about my slight obsession with white things, so you can only imagine how excited I am to start wearing a lot more white than I did in winter, along with neutral shades, now that Spring has arrived. Since it is only the beginning of Spring, I am slowly transitioning my wardrobe to this new season- pairing white boyfriend jeans with a neutral grey and white stripped blouse was a great way to achieve this. The slight grey tones in the blouse break up the look from being completely white and the long bell sleeve is a great contrast amongst my ripped denim.

spring outfit ideas

With the weather taking baby steps towards continuous temperatures above 0 degrees, I paired this look with a cream trench style coat to add some warmth yet still keeping the outfit fresh and spring like due to its light tone. I think having a neutral tone coat for Spring traditions is key to a wardrobe, it automatically lightens up your look and it is so easy to match with any outfit.

spring outfit ideas

With Easter right around the corner, the sound of birds chirping in the streets, and longer sunny days- I cannot wait to start wearing fresher looks and neutral shades.

spring outfit ideas


spring outfit ideas

spring outfit ideas

How are you transitioning into Spring? Do you have a warm weather outfit you are counting down the days to wear?


Jeans: Zara (similar here) // Blouse: Zara // Trench Coat: Old from Old Navy (my current favourite spring coats here and here) // Shoes: Zara (this seasons here)

xx Bella 

March 16, 2016

white sneakers are here to stay

white adidas sneakers

With Spring just around the corner, I wanted to showcase a stye trend that I currently love and cannot wait to indulge in more myself. Not only do I love the white sneaker trend because I have a crazy love for the colour white, but also because this trend is so practical. I mean, who doesn’t want to be flaunting their #ootd in extreme comfort and style?

Below I picked out a selection of my current favourite styles, ranging in prices and where you can buy them. I really think these are some of the best white sneakers out there. The classic converse is perfect to wear with ripped jeans and a great t-shirt or even tossed on with a casual summer dress. I really love the lace up espadrilles inspired sneaker because its mixing two of my favourite summer styles in one (I may have a slight espadrille obsession). I could totally see myself wearing these over and over again this spring summer, with multiple outfits.

I love this trend because it encourages you to toss on a clean, white sneaker no matter what you’re wearing. There really aren’t any rules, and for me- those are the trends I love the most. It is a trend to have fun with, potentially putting you out of your comfort zone- all white?? sneakers and skirts?? Yes! Do it all.

If you are wanting to try out this trend, feel free to get inspired by some of my favourites below!

White Sneaker Trend


Do you have any other white sneaker styles that you are totally loving? Share with me below… I may have to add them to my shopping list 🙂

xx Bella

March 14, 2016

music monday // volume 3.

best pop music

This weeks Music Monday posts’ inspiration is routed from last weeks celebrations of #internationalwomensday. Just like any other day of the week, I opened up my Mac and went straight to Spotify, searching for the playlist that would keep me concentrated as I work. It was then in that moment that I found the playlist “Women of Pop”, immediately I was intrigued. This title is so specific but yet so vague. What kind of pop? Are we talking Spice Girls and Taylor Swift? Many thoughts went through my head, because just like any girly gal who lived through the 90’s- pop music was a major part of becoming the cool cat I am today.

best of pop

Much to my surprise the playlist was even more than I imagined, not only was it filled with todays current pop hits but SO MUCH MORE….. Like, I’m talking major throwbacks that I am sure many of you can relate to/ make you wanna dance around and jump on your bed. Throughout many years, women have truly dominated the pop scene and I am so okay with that. There is/ was so many talented Pop Stars that wrote great music. Whether it was the tune to dance to or cry over, these Pop Starts were there for us in the moments we needed them the most. So today, I am celebrating Women of Pop, providing you with a few of my top Pop hits (from only Women of course) because 1. Women are awesome 2. I dig pop and have no shame 3. Throwbacks make everyone’s day.

best of pop

  1. (There’s Gotta Be) More To Life – Stacie Orrico
  2. I Don’t Want To Wait- Paula Cole
  3. Hand in My Pocket- Alanis Morissette
  4. Everywhere- Michelle Branch
  5. Torn- Natalie Imbruglia
  6. Fantasy- Mariah Carey
  7. Be My Lover- La Bouche
  8. Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
  9. Bitch- Meredith Brooks
  10. Hold On- Wilson Phillips 

What are some of your all time favourite pop tunes? Share with me below! You know I love to hear from you.

Happy Monday all you lovelies! 

xx Bella