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March 2016

March 9, 2016

springtime transitions

spring trends 2016

For those of you reading this from Canada, I think the majority of us can say we have been crossing our fingers for warmer weather for quite some time now. This past weekends weather has left me feeling quite hopeful that this shall be the case very soon.

spring trends 2016

There are only a few reasons to why I like winter, and none of them involve the activities you can take part in, but are more related to the aesthetics the season brings. I like winter for a short period of time because it is very picturesque when freshly fallen snow has covered everything like a white blanket. I like winter because I have a slight obsession with jackets- fur, trench, parka, you name it, I got it. I feel my outfit is complete when i’ve tossed on the perfect jacket. Though I am slightly sad to no longer have the perfect white backdrops for my #ootd posts, and have to put some of my favourite articles away until next winter- I am super happy for warmer weather.

The next little while is an awkward time for us Canadians while transitioning from a colder season to warm- what should I wear today? Do I need a jacket? Is it too soon to bare my glistening winter white feet? If you have ever struggled with any of these questions when transitioning into a new season, read on.

spring trends 2016

Today I am not going to tell you when is the exact date, time, location, etc, that you should start showcasing your bare ankles and feet, or when you can start to wear white, I am going to help you make these decisions on your own. I truly believe that there are no fashion rules, or there shouldn’t be any fashion rules. In order to dress to feel confident, comfortable and happy- wear what you want, when you wanna wear it. Thats how we create style, and individuality.

spring trends 2016

As the weather begins to warm, the snow begins to melt and we no longer need any heavy duty boots to get us through. The easiest transition in these current March days, is switching from your knee high boots to an ankle option. Automatically, this small change can really freshen up any look, letting your legs be seen again.I love to cuff up my denim and toss on a pair of ankle booties, slowly exposing my skin as the days get warmer. Here are a few of my current faves for spring:  (clickable images)

Spring Ankle BootsSpring Ankle Boots

Spring Ankle Boots
Another transition I love when going from colder days to warmer days is wearing your favourite ripped jeans. Like I said earlier, do as you please and if it pleases you to wear your destroyed denim in the winter, please do so. Montreal winter was way too brutal for me to toss on my ripped denim, but this passed weekend I was daring enough to put on a pair that only slightly exposed some skin. Who else is excited to start hearing again from old creepy men “hey miss you have some holes in your pants?” COUNT ME IN.. not. But hey, just keep doing you, right? Here’s a few styles I am loving this season: (clickable images)

Ripped Jeans TrendRipped Jeans TrendRipped Jeans Trend


I am looking forward to start my Spring wardrobe swap, changing around my closet to have a new focus on fresher pieces, while adding in some new pieces to highlight this season. What are some of your favourite ways to transition your wardrobe into spring? I love to hear from you, share with me below!

Happy days & happy shopping-

xx Bella 

March 7, 2016

february favourites

lashem brow tint

Happy Monday!

I know this post comes a little far from the actual Month of February as we are already entering week two of the month of March but I figured better late than never. This post marks my first beauty related content on lovefrombella as I am about to share with you 4 of my top favourite beauty items from the month of February.

I wanted to write this first “my favourites” post about beauty as a leeway into the topic of beauty on the blog. I am no where near considered a beauty expert and am probably more on the opposite side of the spectrum (a complete noob) when it comes to the topic- but as I am slowly learning, I am finding new products along the way. Products I love so much that I figure I should share them to the world, so maybe I can help out my fellow beauty noobs.

I have been playing around with the bold lip trend for quite some time, and had yet to find a red option that I felt comfortable enough to walk out the door wearing. I used to think that red lips were not for me and I should leave it up to Taylor Swift to perfect this style. I decided to give it another go with the Cargo ‘Essential Lip Gloss in their shade Prague, hoping for an alternative to a bold lipstick finish. With luck, that happened to be the case. Since this product is a gloss it smooths over your lips easily, with the added help of the slender applicator, allowing you to easily colour within the lines. The overall appearance is the perfect tint of deep red over your lips, still bold enough to make a mark but allow you to remain in your comfort zone.

cargo lip gloss prague

cargo lip gloss prague

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the most full and shaded eyebrows as others and like many have to result in finding ways to make the two hairy friends on our faces pop! I have tried multiple options to perfect #browgoals and it wasn’t until this path month that I feel I have almost accomplished it. I purchased the Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint & Lift  as my third attempt with a liquid form of eyebrow perfecting. In the past I have purchased other eyebrow mascaras that were either too thick, leaving way too bold of a brow for my liking and a clear option which was supposed to help sculpt but I didn’t feel it did that. The eyebrow mascara from Lashem is light in colour and in weight so it doesn’t apply onto my eyebrows looking heavy and overly bold, it adds the perfect amount of tint and grooms to perfection… allowing you to achieve your #browgowls.

lashem colour strokes brow tint

Since the mark of the moment where I realized that I have become an adult, I added a couple actions to my list of daily rituals. One of the beauty related rituals includes better face and skin care. I am someone with a mixed complexion and need to give my skin a little extra loving on a very regular basis. I had been focussing on the cleansing aspect to skin care quite well but was missing out on moisturizing and preservation. I didn’t have a care about products that would potentially help the look of wrinkles or make my skin look more youthful because I figured, I am youthful and I don’t have wrinkles. Well, I was wrong- these are the years, the years of your early twenties, the years where we should start to extra care if we want our skin to hopefully remain looking its best as we age. I was lucky to receive a fair sized sample of Vivier Skin C E Peptides, a liquid form of the highest level of Vitamin C, designed to help damaged skin look and feel younger. The serum is applied through a dropper applicator and a little drop truly goes a long way. I had been noticing that my under eyes were starting to show the most major signs of skin aging and had been testing this product mainly on this area. After a month of use I can truly see a difference- not all of my concerns have diminished but I can see the skin looking tighter and the few wrinkles that were starting to appear, have thinned out remarkably.

vivier skin CE peptides


On a daily basis, my overall makeup look is quite neutral and I tend to stick to the basics (mascara, foundation, blush and something on my lips) the statement piece I prefer on my face is my eyes. Going back to the topic of my brows, I was born with light shades of hair and this unfortunately includes my eyelashes. Mascara is truly key to making my eyes pop and be the statement piece on my face. I prefer to showcase more length versus volume on my lashes and with all of the mascaras out there, there hadn’t been one that I was overly obsessed with just yet. I really don’t like the look of clumpy lashes and Fusion Beauty Lash Fusion XXL assures that will never be the case. This mascara goes on clean, clump free adding length and subtle volume to your lashes, truly making them be the statement piece on your face. With perfectly designed wand, you can add more with the thicker section and add detail with the small tip.


Fusion beauty lash fusion XXL

What are some of your favourite beauty items? I’d love to know! Comment below to share with me 🙂

xx Bella

March 4, 2016

slow and steady wins the race

patience is a virtue

Like the old childhood tale we all know well from when we were younger- The Tortoise and The Hare gives us a life long lesson that can be used in many facets of life. Patience is a virtue, and being patient, taking things slow in life, often leads us to better places than if we were to rush the journey. I know that thinking this is far more easy than acting on it and actually believing it, but since the start of the New Year, it is something I truly have been reflecting on in my daily life.

Right before christmas I had a very Eat Pray Love moment, feeling confused and unsure of my direction in life- I was in need of a mental vacation. This feeling could not have come at a better moment, with my trip to visit my parents for the holidays being just around the corner. During this break I was Julia Roberts and ‘home’ was Italy, India and Indonesia. My trip home reflected more on The Eat and Love parts of the story because my mom is as Italian as it gets, so I am lucky to be able to live the Eat part of this story on quite a regular basis.  I also get to live the Love part of the story whenever I am around my dad. He is a true inspiration and if I wasn’t lucky enough to have him as a dad, I would pay to have him in my life just to hear his motivational talks. I like to consider my dad as my own personal Dalai Lama-  I can always count on him to have an uplifting speech prepared in his back pocket that will get my head back in the right place and my feet back on the ground.

The most recent speech from my dad touched upon patience and how like the tale of the Tortoise and The Hare, sometimes those who get the gold medal in life are those who understand patience, those who understand the road to the finish line is not straight and clear, in fact it is often filled with many obstacles. Living life without any bumps is completely unnatural- think about mother nature herself, everything surrounding her is there because of the bumpy ride it once was on. To understand this metaphor completely, I like to compare the beauty of patience and over coming obstacles to the beauty of a flowing river. What would that river be if it didn’t have to flow down the path that was winding and covered in many rocky obstacles? It would not have any character, it wouldn’t be as beautiful and it would not be natural. Living life perfectly without anything getting in the way isn’t natural, it is the obstacles in your life that sculpt your story and make it completely unique to you. Like the river, if you didn’t have these bumps to go through- you would not be as beautiful.

In life it is way too easy to compare ourselves to everyone surrounding us, and the successes we see them achieving. It can be way too easy to quickly view your life in the big picture of what society says is the proper way to live your life. Go to school, get a job, marry someone and start your family. I believe that in this day and age this is the most unnatural idea of life and living in general. What about all those beautiful obstacles? Living your life in a way that society says is right can often be a race to the finish line. It is okay if you don’t have a dream job, it is okay if you don’t want to start a family. If you break down your journey to a particular moment where life is kinda shitty, don’t feel defeated- keep going and be patient. Later in life when you have come close to your finish line, all of those shitty moments will be seen as the bumps that made your journey beautiful. This is the kind of life that gets you the gold medal in life’s race.

patience is a virtue

patience is a virtue

patience is a virtue

patience is a virtue

patience is a virtue

Coat: Vintage Persian Lamb // Headband: White faux fur // Gloves: Etienne Aigner // Watch: Vintage Gucci // Turtleneck: Maison Simons; Icone (similar here) // Jeans: Zara // Boots: Zara (similar here)

Photography: Luu Huy Danh Vo


xx Bella

In EATS on
March 2, 2016

simple & sweet energy balls

healthy energy balls

I have been playing around with multiple recipes for healthy bars over the past little bit and hadn’t thought any were great enough to give myself a 10/10 rating. I mean, they weren’t bad and any one I served them to had nothing but compliments but I wasn’t sold on the recipe quite yet. One reason being is that since they were bars, they were a bit messy and when I say I bit I mean a lot. The last recipe pretty much resembled a Nature Valley granola bar and I am sure we all can admit that the only proper place to eat those, in order to not leave a not so stealth trail of crumbs behind is .. well no where. I wanted to create a recipe that had all the same yummy ingredients without the fuss and mess.  So today, I present to you the recipe I do give myself a 10/10 on- simple & sweet energy balls. It’s a recipe that will take you 15 minutes maximum and is no fail, no bake and I assure you is super yum!

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/3 maple syrup or honey (any natural sticky sweetener)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/3 ground sesame seeds (can you flax as well)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 cup dry oatmeal

How you’ll do it:

In a microwave safe bowl, place the peanut butter and maple syrup into a bowl. Microwave for one minute until you can easily mix the two ingredients together and the texture is more liquid and smooth. Add in your vanilla and chia seeds, this step is important because it activates your chia seeds allowing you to take in all their nutrients. Add in the remaining ingredients as listed (cocoa, sesame, coconut, oatmeal). The mixture should be wet enough to be moveable and dry enough to mold. Take a tablespoon size portion of the mixture and roll it into a ball in your hands, placing on a cookie tray. Once all placed on the cookie tray, put in the fridge for at least a half an hour so they can firm up.

Shortly after I bagged them up in snack portions, they will keep for the week to have as snacks throughout (if they last that long!)

healthy easy energy balls

healthy easy energy balls


This recipe is super easy, no fail and super yum- I encourage you all to take a bang at it!

with love,

xx Bella