April 14, 2016

my two cents: 70s comeback

70s fashion trends

Those of you who follow fashion know by now that fashion moves in a circular pattern; You know trends come and go. If there was a trend you loved that is no more, don’t be sad – you will see it again someday. As evidence, I think that a certain influential decade is again currently trending like crazy.

I suspect the majority of you reading this post probably did not live in the time period I am talking about. Yet it still has had an impact on you, an impact with enough influence to effect how we currently dress. Wide leg silhouettes, bold striped patterns and off the shoulder blouses. These styles are not new, they have been revived. These styles, back and in full view, are evidence that we are currently experiencing a 70’s comeback.

70's fashion trend

Although many may think that we are far from the 70’s and find the period hard to relate to, I will tell you why this is far from true. Many of us will remember television shows like “That 70’s show”, 70’s disco music gave rise to dance-hall music and Hollywood joined in with movie classics like “The Spy Who Shagged Me” a spoof on 70’s spy movies. We are the sons and daughters of those who did live through this decade and they were, without question, a major influence on us.

70s fashion trends

Despite all the technological advancements we currently enjoy (including many selfies). I think we are still very connected to the 70’s in more ways than just fashion trends. The 70’s were a time of change. The women’s liberation movement led to current feminism, environment issues emerged and the first personal computers of the seventies led to our current cell phones. People felt freer to express themselves and be whoever they wanted to be. Tell me that this is not so similar to our current decade? We grew up encouraged by our parents to be whoever we would like to be. Along with this evolving individuality, no one reading this can deny, that our current culture continues to focus on technological growth, personal rights like feminism and environmental issues that I believe was inspired from the 70’s.

70s fashion trends

Not only was the 70’s a time to “fight for you right”, but it was also a time to party. Think about all the amazing music that was produced during this time period. This was arguably the golden time for musicians to express themselves in ways that had not been seen before. Classic rock remains one of the most preferred genres of music, who among us doesn’t like to “rock on” to Sweet Home Alabama or Stairway to Heaven. Although I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever be able to recreate the musical magic of the 70’s, we still can celebrate it today. Think music festivals. They started in the 60’s to gather people all together to free their soul and became popularized in the 70’s. Such music festivals are becoming more and more popular today (sorry if this is a reminder that you aren’t going to Coachella) The music genres may have changed, but to this day, we are still influenced by these musical events that were created in the 70’s.

70s fashion trends

I can’t complete this post without talking a little more about the impact the 70’s made on the fashion industry; it is pretty major. Seventies fashion is reviving itself through retro floral patterns and leather satchels. More and more I notice 70’s inspired bell-bottoms, structured wide legged pants, bold and bright symmetrical patterns and my current favourite – off the shoulder blouses. I can’t help but feel lovely when I wear this blush pink one.

What excites me the most about this decades impact on our lives, is the whole idea of being free. I’ve said it before in past posts, fashion to me is about individuality and self-expression – wear what you wish and be who you want to be. The seventies were all about these ideas and I am so happy we are celebrating that again.

70s fashion trends

I put together a little slideshow of a few of my current 70’s inspired items. Take a look… maybe you’ll find something you love!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How do you feel about this current 70s comeback? Is there a retro trend you are currently loving?

Let me know, you know I love to hear from you!

love from bella

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    such a cute top!

    xx Melis

    April 16, 2016 at 11:52 am
    • Reply Bella

      Thanks soo much, Melis!
      Thanks for stopping by as well 🙂

      xx Bella

      April 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm

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