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February 29, 2016

music monday // volume 2.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me- music is more than just a song an artist wrote or something that you hear on the radio. I don’t listen to music just because I love a certain artist, I listen to music because of the way it makes me feel, and I don’t care so much as to who the artist is or what they have done in the past- I like to break it down to a song and how it makes me feel in that moment when i’m listening to it. I use music to reflect on the mood I am currently in. This is why I love exploring music almost blind folded, using apps like Spotify and 8tracks allow me to find new tunes, and to pin point a song right down to how I am feeling in that exact moment. The apps let you do this by organizing music into playlists and genres for users to choose shuffling the music so you have no idea whats about to play. When focusing, either writing, studying or just relaxing in my living room while enjoying a good cup of coffee- there is nothing I love more than listening to chill music.

Lately, due to the weather conditions and lack of super cool activities to do- I have mastered the art of chilling- so I figured what better time to write about the type of music I love the most. Indie chill. From a young age I began to have an appreciation for good music. My parents put me in many extra curricular activities which involved music, one summer they even sent me to opera camp. Yes, you heard it right, opera camp. I was always looking to do more- so when the time was right I took it upon myself to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. This is when I started to appreciate indie music even more, listening to songs and wanting to learn and play them. I’m always looking for new indie beats to play on repeat, and if you’re into this type of music, i’m sure you are too. Heres a couple that iTunes says i’ve played more times than maybe I’d like to admit.

All time good indie tunes:

  1. Paper Kites- Bloom
  2. Gabrielle Aplin- Home
  3. Ingrid Michaelson- Open Hands
  4. Angus & Julia Stone- Devil’s Tears
  5. Ben Howard- Only Love

music monday 2

Another monumental moment that shaped my musical tastes and appreciation is all thanks to a show that will forever hold a place in my heart, a show I probably shouldn’t of been watching at the young age I was, a show that I believe changed the television industry in that genre because of the music which was in it. For those of you who haven’t figured out which show I am talking about yet, think sunshine, think the glory days (high school), think USA. I am talking about the OC baby. This television serious was so unique to tv because it was Indie, the music featured on the show was far from what was popular and being heard on the radio. The OC took unknown indie artists and showcased their musical talent on the show. Some of the songs played on the show are still today some of my favourite indie tunes which are go-to’s when I am in chill mode.

As heard on the OC:

  1. Alexi Murdoch- Orange Sky
  2. Band of Horses- The Ends Not Near
  3. Blind Melon- No Rain
  4. Coconut Records- West Coast
  5. Ian Broudie- Song for No One

music monday 2

If you have any cool indie tunes you’d like to share, please do so! I’m always looking to add to my list.

Happy Days!

xx Bella


February 15, 2016

music monday // volume 1.

workout motivation

At the start of the New Year, I became the person I thought I would never be. New year, new you, new me, blah blah. To get myself back on track in January, I joined the gym. I became a New Years resolutioner. The saddest part of it all is that I didn’t even realize what I was doing until it was done and was brought up in conversation. I had become like the rest of the world, starting up a gym membership with the mark of a new year. From the moment of realization of my actions, I made a promise to myself to keep with it, and not become the person that the hard core gym goers make fun of. You know, the people who start back up at the gym in the the new year and then about a month after, fall down the rabbit hole until next January.

With all my goals in mind, I have successfully made it past the one month mark since I signed up to the gym, with the idea of being a New Years Resolutioner always in the back of my head, I am motivated to stick to it and to prove this stereotype wrong.

Now that I’ve gotten used to the routine of working on my fitness, I can look forward to the hour or so I will spend kicking my butt and over perspiring. I will admit that it is not always easy. I sometimes feel like I have to throw myself down my apartment stairs and it takes a lot of pep talks from my inner cheerleader. But today I am going to share with you the secret to what makes it all so much easier.

I like to believe that my workout success is based 10% on girl power and 90% on the music I’m blasting into my ears, silencing any distraction around me. If each time I stepped on that treadmill and didn’t have new tunes to rock out to, I would constantly be thinking about how I hate treadmills, how I wish the sun was shinning and how excited I am to go home and eat popcorn, while laying horizontal on my couch. Instead, since I have these great tunes, I am thinking about how much of a beast I currently am, and crank up the speed on my treadmill.

Since today marks a new week, meaning back to the gym for me, and probably many of you as well, I will be sharing with my current top 5 tracks to enjoy your workout. You can thank me later 😉


  1. Hula Hoop – OMI
  2. Bang my Head – David Guetta ft. Sia & Fetty Wap
  3. Sorry (Latino Remix) – Justine Bieber ft. J Balvin

    4. I bet my Life- Imagine Dragons (Alex Adair Remix)

    5. Sparkling Eyes- MCD & Castaneda (Max Noguera Remix)

    Looking forward to hear all about how these tunes helped you work on your fitness. Have a great Monday!

XX Bella