March 23, 2016

a few things I love about easter

Since I was a young child I have always had fond memories about Easter. As the Holiday quickly approaches, I am finding myself reminiscing about how my family and I have celebrated this holiday over the years. Growing up within the Catholic faith, Easter always meant more to my family and I then hunting for chocolates, or decorating Easter Eggs. Although I did take part in these activities, my family and I had many other traditions we followed year after year.

Today I wanted to share some of these traditions with you, along with some other Easter inspired ideas for all of you to enjoy this long weekend.

An unforgettable tradition was decorating Easter Eggs with my siblings and cousins over the Easter Weekend. Our families always got together during Easter to celebrate, and decorating eggs was often on the weekend agenda.

easter egg decor idea

Though this may be a more mature style for Easter Egg decorating and may not exactly be how we would’ve decorated as children, the simplicity and cuteness will for sure be beautiful in your home.

Easter to me has always been another holiday where we celebrate with food, and a lot of it. Not only did we celebrate because we were all together as a family, but also because it was Holy Week, marking the end of Lent. Often during lent, we had given up a certain something, maybe chocolate, or potato chips- the Easter weekend was an exciting time to be able to enjoy these things once again.

On the upcoming Friday, as is it Good Friday, my families meal would normally be a Pasta or Fish dish since typically, if you are celebrating Easter within the Catholic faith you are not to eat meat on Good Friday. New traditions are beginning for me this up coming Easter, and even though I am still celebrating with my parents, my whole family wont all be together.

Good Friday meal ideas

This Puff Pastry Salmon with Sun Dried Tomatoes is on my list for potential meal ideas. Since I will be serving quite a few, having to consider a couple dietary restrictions- I think this may be the winner. This recipe makes a typical Salmon dish a little more special.

I cannot forget about my love for all the fresh baked goods that come about during the Easter Holiday. Having the opportunity to live in larger cities, I was able to see how many other cultures celebrate Easter with their cultures food. One tradition that isn’t so specific to my Italian heritage, yet I still love, is Hot Crossed Buns. This delicious baked good completely says Easter to me, and I am so excited when I start seeing them in the local bakeries.

Last year was my first attempt at making my own Hot Crossed Buns and although they did not exactly turn out how I’ve enjoyed them before, I am eager to attempt them again this Easter.

Hot Crossed Bun Recipe

Just looking at this picture of these yummy Hot Crossed Buns makes my mouth water! Though this recipe may not be easy to accomplish, I know it will be worth it!

As I am becoming older and no longer live close to home, I am beginning to create my own holiday celebrations. Through out these holidays, I am noticing how much of an influence my mother and grandmother have made on my current day to day life, along with the life I aspire to live in the future. Growing up, through every holiday my mom would always decorate. My father goes nuts each time my mother begins to decorate for each holiday because it is his duty to get everything out of storage. I am sure you can only imagine how many decorations my mother has. Though it makes me laugh just thinking about it, I can see why it is so important to my mom. Decorating your home for an upcoming holiday truly makes your home that much more inviting and is a great way to enjoy each holiday.

The decor Easter brings about is always so fresh and is a great reminder that Spring is here. The final tradition I love about Easter is celebrating with the beautiful flowers that Spring brings us. Decorating my home with fresh Tulips and Easter Lilies has now become a tradition for me. I love having fresh flowers in my home!

Easter Decor Ideas

These Flowering Egg Shells are a cute floral decor idea for an Easter table setting, and they caught my eye for two reasons specifically. Firstly, because I know my mom will love the idea, knowing that she has quite the collection of Egg Holders and does not have much opportunity to use them (I hope you are laughing, mom!) Secondly, because I will be hosting an Easter meal and do not have a large amount of space. I think it is a simple and small touch that can be easily done and will not overcrowd my dinner table, allowing me to decorate with the flowers I love.

What do you think about my Easter Traditions? Do you have some of your own that you love and are excited to enjoy over the upcoming weekend? I’d love to hear them 🙂


xx Bella 


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