February 25, 2016

february blues

February Blues

I must start off by apologizing for my lack of bogging this week. I am over coming a serious case of the February blues. It was quite serious and I have just managed to crawl out from under my blankets for an hour to talk about this illness and share with you my remedies.

Okay so I may not actually be ill, in fact I am completely healthy, but I do believe I had a serious something and it must be brought to attention. I am quite sure that some day soon the February blues will be added to the book of legitimate illnesses and doctors will have a list of remedies to share to their patients. Since this is yet to be the case, you will instead get some lovin’ from Bella today.

For those of you reading this and wondering what the February Blues may be, let me explain to you. FB is a feeling that comes about in February (of course) when the excitement of the holidays have come to an end, the idea of playing in freshly fallen snow is no longer romanticized and you become tired of hibernating indoors and staring at grey skies wishing for warmer days. FB can often lead to you feeling discouraged and reflecting on how boring your life is, when in reality, it isn’t it’s just February.

This years case of FB hit me hard, being in a new city with a lot more serious winter weather than I’m used to, along with it being the first year of my true adult life aka. no longer on the pay roll of Bank Mama & Papa. I’ve resulted to staying indoors and saving my hard-earned dollars to save for my future-like a good adult should. This doesn’t normally lead me to the most lit Friday night but I know it won’t last forever.

Throughout this gloomy month of February I have come up with some creative ideas to keep you all looking up. I know that February is almost over, so you’re probably thinking heck, whats the use now? But hey, maybe its going to be a gloomy March- these tips can apply there, and if not, bookmark them for next year! #planahead

  1. Host a dinner party. Now some of you may already be x’ing the idea as you read because you think you can’t cook. Stop right there. Dinner parties can be soo fun and often can be less work than making a dinner for your own home. Break up the meal between your guests and ask everyone to pitch in. Someone brings a salad, someone brings a dessert, someone brings an appetizer and so on. You can even create a theme around the party. I once did a pizza night, and boy was it a hit! I made the dough and sauce and everyone attending had to bring two ingredients and a little something to quench their thirst (wine, wine and wine) This is a great activity to bring people together, it gives you and all you guests something to look forward and you wont have to worry about people not RSVPing because… its February.
  2. Plan a weekend getaway. Me and my boo have been holding off on our weekend getaway until we have truly hit the limit on our February Blues. Next weekend we are going to embrace the winter weather and head to the spa at the Spa & Hotel Le Finlandais. We are looking forward to some serious relaxation time, enjoying the warm outdoor baths and saunas- it will for sure cleanse us of all that February sadness. We were lucky enough to receive a gift voucher to enjoy the spa, but for those wanting to check it out yourself, the spa access passes are not too pricey. Before 10AM it will cost you $39, after 10Am it is $44. Included in the price is a bath robe, sandals and unlimited warm tea. Look forward to a post to hear all about my time at the spa!
  3. Learn something new. Since moving to a french city and being an anglophone, I have kinda been forced to study up on my french. I will be the first one to admit that learning a new language is hard and having to do the task, doesn’t make it any easier. But, the one positive point is that these are the months of yucky weather and not so fun times, so take advantage of it and read a new book, teach yourself to knit or even, like me, practise a new language. You won’t feel so bad because you aren’t missing out on any nice weather outside and it will feel good after with knowing that you have accomplished something rewarding.

I hope you all can take one of my remedies to cure your February Blues, just keep pushing the sun will come out again soon! I’d love to hear any other remedies you may have, feel free to share them with me below!

Stay positive and continue to do the things you love.

xx Bella

February Blues
February Blues

February Blues

February Blues

February Blues

Boots: Zara // Leather Pants: H&M // Coat: Vintage Silver Fox // Accessories: Rayban

Photography: Luu Huy Danh Vo

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