March 7, 2016

february favourites

lashem brow tint

Happy Monday!

I know this post comes a little far from the actual Month of February as we are already entering week two of the month of March but I figured better late than never. This post marks my first beauty related content on lovefrombella as I am about to share with you 4 of my top favourite beauty items from the month of February.

I wanted to write this first “my favourites” post about beauty as a leeway into the topic of beauty on the blog. I am no where near considered a beauty expert and am probably more on the opposite side of the spectrum (a complete noob) when it comes to the topic- but as I am slowly learning, I am finding new products along the way. Products I love so much that I figure I should share them to the world, so maybe I can help out my fellow beauty noobs.

I have been playing around with the bold lip trend for quite some time, and had yet to find a red option that I felt comfortable enough to walk out the door wearing. I used to think that red lips were not for me and I should leave it up to Taylor Swift to perfect this style. I decided to give it another go with the Cargo ‘Essential Lip Gloss in their shade Prague, hoping for an alternative to a bold lipstick finish. With luck, that happened to be the case. Since this product is a gloss it smooths over your lips easily, with the added help of the slender applicator, allowing you to easily colour within the lines. The overall appearance is the perfect tint of deep red over your lips, still bold enough to make a mark but allow you to remain in your comfort zone.

cargo lip gloss prague

cargo lip gloss prague

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the most full and shaded eyebrows as others and like many have to result in finding ways to make the two hairy friends on our faces pop! I have tried multiple options to perfect #browgoals and it wasn’t until this path month that I feel I have almost accomplished it. I purchased the Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint & Lift  as my third attempt with a liquid form of eyebrow perfecting. In the past I have purchased other eyebrow mascaras that were either too thick, leaving way too bold of a brow for my liking and a clear option which was supposed to help sculpt but I didn’t feel it did that. The eyebrow mascara from Lashem is light in colour and in weight so it doesn’t apply onto my eyebrows looking heavy and overly bold, it adds the perfect amount of tint and grooms to perfection… allowing you to achieve your #browgowls.

lashem colour strokes brow tint

Since the mark of the moment where I realized that I have become an adult, I added a couple actions to my list of daily rituals. One of the beauty related rituals includes better face and skin care. I am someone with a mixed complexion and need to give my skin a little extra loving on a very regular basis. I had been focussing on the cleansing aspect to skin care quite well but was missing out on moisturizing and preservation. I didn’t have a care about products that would potentially help the look of wrinkles or make my skin look more youthful because I figured, I am youthful and I don’t have wrinkles. Well, I was wrong- these are the years, the years of your early twenties, the years where we should start to extra care if we want our skin to hopefully remain looking its best as we age. I was lucky to receive a fair sized sample of Vivier Skin C E Peptides, a liquid form of the highest level of Vitamin C, designed to help damaged skin look and feel younger. The serum is applied through a dropper applicator and a little drop truly goes a long way. I had been noticing that my under eyes were starting to show the most major signs of skin aging and had been testing this product mainly on this area. After a month of use I can truly see a difference- not all of my concerns have diminished but I can see the skin looking tighter and the few wrinkles that were starting to appear, have thinned out remarkably.

vivier skin CE peptides


On a daily basis, my overall makeup look is quite neutral and I tend to stick to the basics (mascara, foundation, blush and something on my lips) the statement piece I prefer on my face is my eyes. Going back to the topic of my brows, I was born with light shades of hair and this unfortunately includes my eyelashes. Mascara is truly key to making my eyes pop and be the statement piece on my face. I prefer to showcase more length versus volume on my lashes and with all of the mascaras out there, there hadn’t been one that I was overly obsessed with just yet. I really don’t like the look of clumpy lashes and Fusion Beauty Lash Fusion XXL assures that will never be the case. This mascara goes on clean, clump free adding length and subtle volume to your lashes, truly making them be the statement piece on your face. With perfectly designed wand, you can add more with the thicker section and add detail with the small tip.


Fusion beauty lash fusion XXL

What are some of your favourite beauty items? I’d love to know! Comment below to share with me 🙂

xx Bella

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