June 7, 2016

in the garden

simple summer dress

There’s something about the way Iย feel when I toss on a simple summer dress. It’s light material and relaxed structure makes meย feel free and ready to embrace the summer heat.

A dainty pairing of a summer dress and sandals also makes me reminisce of the days when I was a child and my mother wouldย put me in dresses that my grandmother made me. I would dance around in the yard as happy as can be.

One time my mother had gotten me dressed and left me to play. She was busy in the kitchen, taking her eye away from me for just a short moment. She then realized I was no longer in her sight and she was looking all over for me. Her last thought was to lookย outside, there I was in a dress my grandmother made me, playing in the long grass and dandelions. This is a picture that has remained on my parents fridge since the day it was printed.

I was born in a small town surrounded by nature and all things green. I truly count myself lucky to be able to have had these kinds of moments as a child. Now a days I have such an appreciation for all the little moments from my past and I will cherish them forever.

To this day… I still love to put on a simple summer dress and frolic outside… sometimes even playing with a dandelion or two.

simple summer dress

simple summer dress

simple summer dress

simple summer dress


What’s one of your favourite childhood memories that you will cherish forever? Share them with me if you’d like! I love to hear from you.


xx Bella

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