March 31, 2016

march favourites: the face edition

As someone who has suffered from quite persistent facial acne in the past and has only got it in check over this past year, I am very cautious about what I put on my face. During this acne struggle I only washed my skin with doctor recommended cleansers and only used make up products that were well made, recommended by experts and tested before purchasing. Since I feel confident that the worse of this acne struggle is behind me (fingers crossed) I am becoming more open to trying new products.

While caring for my acne, I always used moisturizer and creams that were either prescribed or recommended by a doctor. Although these creams were great and I definitely feel they are a major part of why I may have won this battle with my acne, they were only helping that one facial concern. As I am aging I am noticing the most signs on my face and I wanted to buy a moisturizer that not only kept my face moisturized and hydrated but also would help to slow down the aging signs I have started to notice.

I purchased Nivea Mattifying Day Cream w/ SPF 15 because I have had great experiences in the past with Nivea as a brand. I was drawn to this product because it is suited for combination skin. Since this is the first step away from the moisturizer recommended by doctors, I still wanted to be cautious. After the first couple days of wearing this face moisturizer, I was very impressed. A little bit of cream goes a long way; it doesn’t feel greasy or thick on my face, and does not look oily. My face feels extremely moisturized, it is protected everyday with SPF 15 and I have not once had a breakout. It is the perfect base under my makeup, truly giving off a soft, mate look.

nivea mattifying day cream

As you now know I have struggled with acne problems and have always been very cautious in regards to what I apply on my face. In the past, I have spent hundreds of dollars on designer powders and foundations, only wanting the absolute best for my skin. Not only did I want a product that wasn’t going to make me break out but also cover my problem areas. I was encouraged by a few people (one including my mama, who like me, also wore Lancôme press powder religiously) to try out Mineral Wear by Physicians Formula. I have been giving it a go over this past month and I do not have a single complaint. I personally don’t like to put a lot of face makeup on so when I saw how this mineral powder looked on my face, with only moisturizer underneath, I was immediately sold. Not only do I love this product because of the way it looks but it also feels so light and smooth on my skin and works well to cover any problem area. I purchased this mineral powder at Winners but you can also purchase this product here.

physicians formula mineral wear powder

I have been a fan of blush for quite some time and lately have found myself using it much more than bronzer. In the past I purchased very typical blush shades such as dusty roses and bright pinks. I was attracted to this blush by Cargo because of the mixture of rose and gold sheen. I thought it would be the perfect combination of bronze and blush; and that is just what it was. Not only does this blush highlight the apples of my cheeks but also defines.  I love how the colour blends into my somewhat fair skin tone, adding the perfect final touch to my makeup. This blush has worked fantastic during this past winter month and I am sure it will look even better once I’ve gained back more sunny colour to my skin. You can purchase this fantastic blush by Cargo here.

cargo cosmetics blush mendocino

What are some of your favourite products you put on your face? Do you have a go to moisturizer or powder? Let me know! You know I love to hear from you 🙂


xx Bella 

This post is not sponsored in any way by these brands. All opinions are my own!

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