April 19, 2016

an ode to men’s clothing

Recently I had a thought, a thought about boyfriend jeans. This thought came about when I was thinking of some past and current trends. I was eager to hop on the bandwagon of the boyfriend jean trend – because I pretty much live by “the baggier the better”. Jeans that are actually like wearing pyjamas – Count me in! While thinking about the beautiful fit of denim, which holds a dear place in my heart, I came to the conclusion that the boyfriend jean has surpassed being a trend and has become a go-to style for many.

This thought, of course, led to another thought, leading me to think about this go-style and how I must not be the only one living it. I am clearly not the only one who has realized that we can basically get away with wearing “pyjama jeans” in public and don’t have to worry about being judged.

While considering this comfort style, I realized I just love wearing “boyfriend” aka men’s clothing in general. I mean, if you can get away with jeans that feel like pyjamas why shouldn’t we try to get away with t-shirts and button downs that feel that way too?

Why you should wear your boyfriend’s clothing

How many times have you opened your closet, completely full and “realized” you have nothing to wear? Well, you never have to worry again. Take something from your man! I mean his closet is probably full of endless opportunities.

Men’s clothing is actually super cute. Styling an oversized t-shirt or button down with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a skinny leg along with a pair of heels is a personal favourite look of mine. There’s something about the mix of feminine and masculine styles I just love.

Men’s clothing fits in a way that makes you feel sexy and empowered. Don’t get me wrong, some days I feel ready to take on the world wearing 4-inch heels and mini skirt but others- men’s clothing makes me feel like nothing is holding me back.

My take on mixing gender clothing

Over the weekend with many errands to run and activities to attend to, I tossed on a men’s button down and was ready to take on the world. Now, I consider myself quite feminine but I didn’t feel one bit out of the norm in this outfit. I chose to match the light gingham print with sparkly shoes. They were the perfect match with this casual men’s button down; providing me a comfortable, fashionable combo for the day’s activities ahead.

ode to men's clothing

ode to men's clothing

ode to men's clothing

ode to men's clothing

ode to men's clothing

How do you feel about mens clothing? Are you like me and love to toss on and oversized shirt from time to time?

Lets chat! You know I love to hear from you

love from bella

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