January 26, 2016

peaceful holiday getaway

I know we are well on our way into January, and far past New Years but I wanted to share with you the most recent “getaway” I’ve taken. It took place over the holidays, where we celebrated New Years with friends.

Since moving to Montreal, I have taken many trips to Quebec City and  have explored most of Montreal. I have only been past Quebec City one other time in my life, which was on a family road trip through the east coast of Canada. Over the holidays I got to explore a part of Quebec I’ve never been too, let alone even heard of!

I had a pretty busy holiday season, traveling from Ontario to Quebec, seeing family, with multiple celebrations. By the time the majority of my holiday celebrations came to and end, there still was New Years. At this point, I’d seen so many people, had eaten way too much food, and sat in a car for too many hours– I was kinda wishing to just crawl into bed for a week.

Instead, I jumped in the car again and was off to explore a small town in Quebec called Cabano, located just on the border of Quebec and New Brunswick. It took quite a few hours of travel due-to not the nicest weather conditions, but once we arrived, I was welcomed by beautiful scenery and white fluffy snow all around me.

Coming from Ontario, where we had a green Christmas, this was a bit of a culture shock. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “are we in the north pole”? which was responded with laughter. In this moment, I was happy to be there and knew it was going to be a great weekend getaway- with some of the peace and quiet I needed.

Where I stayed had a beautiful view of the lake and mountains… it was breathtaking. The majority of the colourful houses along the lakefront are homes for the summer vacationers. Although there is not much to do activity wise in Cabano, it is the perfect getaway if you like to explore the outdoors and need some quiet time like I did. Many people travel there in the summer to enjoy the water, and in winter, those who can take the cold, explore the many snowy trails in the forest.

My weekend consisted of great celebrations with friends, a little more face stuffing, and winter walks in the forest. Although my small getaway wasn’t anything spectacular, it still was something. I got to experience somewhere new, I was surrounded by beautiful views all around me, not only while there but during my travels, and spent quality time with good people.  I encourage you all to take a trip somewhere you haven’t been, even if its only an hour away, you still get to experience some adventure and I truly believe thats just darn good for the soul.

Travel often, explore always…

xx Bella

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