March 9, 2016

springtime transitions

spring trends 2016

For those of you reading this from Canada, I think the majority of us can say we have been crossing our fingers for warmer weather for quite some time now. This past weekends weather has left me feeling quite hopeful that this shall be the case very soon.

spring trends 2016

There are only a few reasons to why I like winter, and none of them involve the activities you can take part in, but are more related to the aesthetics the season brings. I like winter for a short period of time because it is very picturesque when freshly fallen snow has covered everything like a white blanket. I like winter because I have a slight obsession with jackets- fur, trench, parka, you name it, I got it. I feel my outfit is complete when i’ve tossed on the perfect jacket. Though I am slightly sad to no longer have the perfect white backdrops for my #ootd posts, and have to put some of my favourite articles away until next winter- I am super happy for warmer weather.

The next little while is an awkward time for us Canadians while transitioning from a colder season to warm- what should I wear today? Do I need a jacket? Is it too soon to bare my glistening winter white feet? If you have ever struggled with any of these questions when transitioning into a new season, read on.

spring trends 2016

Today I am not going to tell you when is the exact date, time, location, etc, that you should start showcasing your bare ankles and feet, or when you can start to wear white, I am going to help you make these decisions on your own. I truly believe that there are no fashion rules, or there shouldn’t be any fashion rules. In order to dress to feel confident, comfortable and happy- wear what you want, when you wanna wear it. Thats how we create style, and individuality.

spring trends 2016

As the weather begins to warm, the snow begins to melt and we no longer need any heavy duty boots to get us through. The easiest transition in these current March days, is switching from your knee high boots to an ankle option. Automatically, this small change can really freshen up any look, letting your legs be seen again.I love to cuff up my denim and toss on a pair of ankle booties, slowly exposing my skin as the days get warmer. Here are a few of my current faves for spring:  (clickable images)

Spring Ankle BootsSpring Ankle Boots

Spring Ankle Boots
Another transition I love when going from colder days to warmer days is wearing your favourite ripped jeans. Like I said earlier, do as you please and if it pleases you to wear your destroyed denim in the winter, please do so. Montreal winter was way too brutal for me to toss on my ripped denim, but this passed weekend I was daring enough to put on a pair that only slightly exposed some skin. Who else is excited to start hearing again from old creepy men “hey miss you have some holes in your pants?” COUNT ME IN.. not. But hey, just keep doing you, right? Here’s a few styles I am loving this season: (clickable images)

Ripped Jeans TrendRipped Jeans TrendRipped Jeans Trend


I am looking forward to start my Spring wardrobe swap, changing around my closet to have a new focus on fresher pieces, while adding in some new pieces to highlight this season. What are some of your favourite ways to transition your wardrobe into spring? I love to hear from you, share with me below!

Happy days & happy shopping-

xx Bella 

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